Watercolor Studies

Articles relating to watercolor, including watercolor studies; watercolor and ink, etc.

Contemplating Nature: Young Pine Hyatt Lake, Southern Oregon

Contemplating Nature and Titles

Contemplating nature – as in spending a few days out camping, being quiet and thinking about life, trees, birds and painting titles. While contemplating, an exciting thing happened.  I had a moment of insight in how titles can suggest different meanings for paintings.  I wondered, how had I not had this insight before?   Contemplating Nature …

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Demonstration: working with watercolor and ink

Prepping for Watercolor and Ink Demo

Art Demonstration on the Horizon! Greetings!  I’m so excited!   I’m preparing myself to do a demonstration (demo) of my watercolor and ink techniques.  I have been invited by the Southern Oregon Society of Artists, a large local organization.  I was thrilled to receive the invitation.  But, I also had a sobering moment;  I needed …

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Drawing Kindred Spirits

“Kindred Spirits” – 106 Talent Ave Revisited; Drawing Talent Series

Introducing “Kindred Spirits, Art, Ales & Wine” – latest installment of my “Drawing Talent” series. Selecting Painting Locations The weather has been good and I find myself saying: “Why don’t I go outside and draw Talent?”  And, I do, or rather did on Wednesday morning. The first thing I think about when selecting a place …

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