Day Four: The Neighbor's Flag copyright M. Stermer-Cox

Day Four: The Neighbor’s Flag

Four on the Fourth

Happy July Fourth!  For day four of #WorldWatercolorMonth, I thought it would be fun to do something in keeping with our American Independence Day celebration.  I chose my neighbor’s flag hanging of the carport.

Day Four: The Neighbor's Flag copyright M. Stermer-Cox

Color Symbolism

I am a painter and color is an important part of my tool box.  Naturally, I was thinking about the symbolic meaning of the colors of our flag while I was working on this painting.  So, I did an internet search about the meaning of the colors and went to a site called “USFlag. org”.   To my surprise, our flag’s colors did not have meaning assigned to them when the flag was adopted in 1777.  But, the colors on the country’s Great Seal did:  white being for purity and innocence; red for hardiness and valor; and blue for vigilance, perseverance and justice.

I think its often a good idea to check multiple sites when looking up something on the internet.  Just to check the facts, I looked at a few other websites.   The other websites echo the same information that the flag’s colors did not have special meaning when the flag was adopted.  How about that?

I like learning something new.

Four Watercolor Associations

Since this is day four of #WorldWatercolorMont, I thought it would be fun to make a list of four items having to do with watercolor.  The four watercolor associations I belong to popped into my head!  Here’s the list in no particular order:

There are many wonderful, worthy watercolor societies around the country and internationally.  These four happen to be based in the Northwest and West Coast, near where I live.

Wheel Rim Grill

Because it is summer here and the Fourth of July, I thought I’d share another painting.  I did this one on June 30th this year while my husband and I were on a camping trip.  The subject is a charcoal grill made out of wheel rims.  In the RV park where we were staying, each of the tent sites had one of these charcoal grills.  I had never seen anything like it and found them enchanting.

Wheel Rim Grill; ©M. Stermer-Cox

Thank you and please enjoy your Fourth!



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