Three Broken Sea Shells; #WorldWatercolorMonth

Day 3 – Three Broken Seashells

Its About Three

In celebration of day 3, the Third of July, and #WorldWatercolorMonth, I’d like to share three broken seashells.  You might have guessed; yes the selection of a group of three was purposeful.  The arrangement was deliberate too.  I wanted the shell with three holes or windows to be facing a different direction than the two with two holes.  I like setting up “one of these things is not like the other ones” situations such as the one depicted here.

Plus, I used a triad – red, yellow and blue.  I like using primary colors.  Mixing them together create all sorts of other colors, but they are related.  It helps to unify the color scheme.

Three Broken Sea Shells; #WorldWatercolorMonth

Regarding the technical specifications, I did this study in my Aquabee sketchbook and used watercolor and ink, just like yesterday’s study.  The study is 2.5″x4″.

Frown Attack = “Not Pleases”

Yes, I had an attack of the frowns and stares.  I wasn’t pleased with this study.  It was too this, too that.  I started coming up with my list of “not pleases”.  For a fleeting moment, I even considered not publishing this study.

OOPS!  Thats The Point!

But wait!  This is a STUDY!  The point IS that the work might be “too this and too that” because I’m trying things!  WHOA! Isn’t it wonderful to experiment and to learn?

If nothing else, I learned what I don’t like.  And, I’m thinking I’ll keep my list of “not pleases…” to myself.  Thank you!

“Pleases” Please!

Rather, I’ll share a list of three “pleases”.  (Yes, because its July third).  Much better.

So, here’s what I like:

  1. Its a study of three of my favorite broken sea shells.
  2. I wanted to work with red, blue and yellow and that is what I did.
  3. I get to try it again!

Just thinking, isn’t this what #WorldWatercolorMonth is about?  Learning.  Playing.  Painting.  And, all in watercolor!

Why Watercolor

Once again, since its July Third and it is watercolor month, I’d like to share 3 reasons I took up watercolor painting:

  • There was a beginning watercolor class available.
  • I had the supplies.
  • The location was convenient.

Thus, a love and passion was born of such mundane beginnings!

I’d like to wish you a Happy July Third and #WorldWatercolorMonth!


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