Hello! And welcome to my blog!

I’m Margaret Stermer-Cox and I’m a watercolor painter.

This blog is about art. It’s about my paintings and events; abstract art discussions, art history, etc. You get the idea: anything ART! Please, join me!

And if you would like to see my works, a visit to Dancing Clouds Gallery – my online art gallery – is called for! Just click on the link in the menu above. And, Thanks!

Events and Exibitions

  • Hang Up & Read Me A Story

    I am pleased to announce that my painting, “Hang Up & Read Me A Story” has been accepted for the Watercolor Society of Oregon’s Fall Watercolor Exhibition.

    The painting will hang until October 30th in the Elsinore Framing & Fine Art Gallery, 444 Ferry St SE, Salem OR  97301.

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