Yellow: A Month of Focus On One Color

Yellow: Detail of Two Lemons

Yellow! To explain, this May I am taking a beginning still life class with artist Karen O’Neil instructing. It is an online class offered by The Art Student’s League of NYC. And, we are exploring the color yellow. Warm or Cool? You might think, or rather I might think, that…

2021 And We Are Back In Oregon!

Back In Oregon: Study of A Wine Stopper

Hello!  Happy 2021! I had not realized that I have been gone so long!  So, I send you my deepest apologies! And, I am sitting here, having recently finished a cup of espresso, wondering where I have been.  That is, what has kept me away from this blog?   January:…

Building New Muscles – Figure Drawing Class

Building New Muscles: Anatomy For Artists, Rib Cage Study

For me, learning these days is all about “building new muscles”. Hi!  Let me explain what I mean.  You see, I have been taking a drawing class titled “Elements of Figuring Drawing, Anatomy for Artists” for the past few months.   It is an online class through The Art Students…

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