Young Pine at LaPine, OR

Young Pine at LaPine State Park

Painting at LaPine

My husband and I were camping at LaPine State Park near LaPine, OR this past weekend.  LaPine is in the central part of the state.

Young Pine at LaPine, OR

I’d like to share with you a study I did of a young ponderosa pine tree at LaPine State Park and a some of the extra special things we did!

Sometimes when I think of landscape painting and creating art of the great outdoors, I think of big panoramas.  Trees, mountains, creeks, clouds all fall in the mental image of a landscape painting.

But, there is no reason why one can not focus their attention on a tree, a small plant, or a squirrel.

Well, the squirrels are awfully fast.  So, I took on a young ponderosa pine tree.

There is plenty to do when it comes to drawing trees.  Especially on location.  Light changes for one thing.  Plus, all those needles, twigs and squirrels running about!

Lessons Learned:

  • It takes a lot of practice to draw and paint the great outdoors
  • When time is limited, accuracy might need to be sacrificed for getting the main information down.
  • Remember to stand back and take a look…which is something I often forget to do.
  • Squirrels, and their relatives the chipmunks, never stand and pose when you want them to.

Side Notes

Tent at LaPineI did several drawings as well.  Whenever I had a few minutes, I took out pen and paper.  I’m including two drawings as an example.  I did one of our tent in the campground at LaPine.

Amphitheater Volunteers, Bend OR, North of LaPine

The second drawing I did while we were waiting in line to go to a concert in nearby Bend, OR.  We went to see the band “Alabama Shakes” at the Les Schwab Amphitheater.  Side note: WOW!

All in all, a fun way to observe nature and people through drawing.  And, have a GREAT weekend!

Visit to Sandra’s Artist Studio In LaPine

My husband and I had a wonderful weekend in LaPine, OR.  We did take the opportunity to meet a fellow Oregon artist, Sandra Neary, and her husband Mike.  It was such a treat to view her work in person.  It is amazing what a difference it makes.

I enjoyed listening to Sandra talk about her work.  She talked about what themes excite her and it enabled me to appreciate her paintings that much more.

Naturally, painter me enjoyed looking at her studio space too!

Thank you Sandra!

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