Drawing Kindred Spirits

“Kindred Spirits” – 106 Talent Ave Revisited; Drawing Talent Series

Introducing “Kindred Spirits, Art, Ales & Wine” – latest installment of my “Drawing Talent” series.

Drawing Kindred Spirits

Selecting Painting Locations

The weather has been good and I find myself saying: “Why don’t I go outside and draw Talent?”  And, I do, or rather did on Wednesday morning.

The first thing I think about when selecting a place to draw or paint is lighting.  For example, the building that houses “Kindred Spirits” is facing the east.  I like it as a subject in the morning due to the light and dark pattern caused by shadows and reflections.

With a general idea of where I want to paint, off I go!

About Talent

I like Talent in the morning.  Most of the town is quiet.  We do have businesses and light industry.  The part of town where is “Kindred Spirits” is situated is part of the “historic Talent”, and traffic is modest.

I say that, but as I was working, the fire marshal drove up and blocked my view for a minute or two.  Any longer, and I would have happily drawn his truck!  Someone dropped by to water plants.  And, people and cars passed by and their way to…wherever.   It is an active place.

Recent History – Before “Kindred Spirits”

A couple of years ago, September 2014 to be specific, I did a watercolor study of this same building, but of a slightly different view.  At that time “Porto Gelato” occupied the southernmost business space of the building.  (I did like their gelatos; yum!)  Where “Kindred Spirits” is now was divided into two business rental spaces.  “Cathy Dorris Studios” occupied one of the spaces.

Drawing Talent: Porto Gelato

Now, the space that was “Porto Gelato” is rented to artist Jessalynn Jones.  Cathy Dorris Studios expanded and changed their name to “Kindred Spirits”.  Cathy has added a wine and beer bar.  She features local wines.  Naturally, there are nice things to eat too.  Cathy has weekly classes and rotating art exhibits.

My husband and I stop by to check out the beer selection and enjoy conversation with friends from time to time.

Speaking of art exhibits, I showed one of my paintings, “Torsten on Bass” here last February.

Drawing Talent

All this is to say our seemingly sleepy little town of Talent OR does change and yet stay the same.  We have a vibrant community.  Its a good place to live!

Palette Change

Its also a fun place to do drawings and watercolor studies.

OH, did you notice?  I changed my palette a bit for this latest version.  Instead of using bright hansa yellow I used raw umber, an earth tone yellow.   I think it changes the tone quite a bit!


I hope you enjoy seeing two views of the same building.



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