Blogging! Day 22 of 23; Painting 23 of #30paintingsin30days challenge

Blogging and Painting: Day 23 Espresso Time-R V3, #30paintingsin30days

Blogging; it just occurred to me that this challenge has been almost as much about writing these blog post as it has been about painting.  That is, at least for me.

Day 23:  “Espresso Timer-V3”.

Greetings!  Welcome to day 23 of #30paintingsin30days.  And, for today, I present another version of “Espresso Time-R”.  This time, the still life is painted with a purple and gold complimentary color combination.  My aim was to make the timer the main subject and center of interest.  You might notice that it is the area that is bright and warm colored.

Blogging! Day 22 of 23; Painting 23 of #30paintingsin30days challenge

Blog:  22 of 23 Days!

However, I would like to talk about blogging this past three weeks.  As I sat down to my computer, it dawned on my that I have written a blog post 22 of the 23 days this month.  There was one post where I combined two days.  Otherwise, its been a new post each day.

Wow!  It has been quite awhile since I have blogged almost daily!  I needed to take a pause and think about it a moment.

Challenge: Painting And Blogging!

You see,when I decided to accept the challenge, I figured I would just write a paragraph or two.  Maybe a hundred words or so in the blog.

However, that has not been the case!  On most days, I write at least 300 words.  Did you know I had so much to say?  I didn’t think so.  Maybe, I’m just a bit obsessed.

It Takes Skills.

Except, hmm, lets think about it a moment.  Drawing and painting are skill intense activities.  That includes mental as well as physical skill.  Oops, I don’t want to digress to much about skills other than to say it takes a robust skill set to draw and paint.

Its About Sharing Experiences.

And, eventually, many of us like to share our thoughts and experiences about learning this skill set.  Hence a platform like a blog; that is to say it comes in handy talking about everything we know, don’t know, dream about or aspire to.

Daily Writing Studies.

Another point about blogging is that these daily essays are somewhat like the studies I am painting.  I have only a general idea (if that) about what I’m going to write as I approach the computer.

Sidebar, Yes, I’m not one of the sophisticated bloggers who has a schedule knocked out six months in advance.  Something to aspire to be in the future.

Instead, I’m writing it as I see, feel and experience each day of this painting challenge.

Commitment and Work!

So, its two studies per day:  one painting, one writing.  Now, that is some commitment and work!

On the plus side, and why I would recommend such a challenge, is that is requires commitment and work.  That is to say, its an intensive period of study.

Put simply: its all good.

Now, for some coffee!

By the way, if you are reading this posting and have made it to the end, please leave a comment and tell me, are you a blogger?

Warm regards!



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