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Remember Me – It’s About Blogging & Leaving Talent OR

Yes, do you remember me?

Remember Me? From the blog login page

Remember Me.

As I logged into my website in preparation to write this blog post, I noticed the small remark at the bottom of the page.  It read “Remember Me”.   Though the statement was about my password, it made me wonder, will you remember me?


Blog Slow Down.

This past year has not been one of my better blogging years.  As I remember, things were slow to begin with and, then, I  practically stopped writing for the month of August and September.  Not surprising, these two months coincide with our move.  That is to say, my husband and I have left Talent, OR and moved to Ilwaco, WA.

Hard Getting Started Again.

I thought that when we moved into our new place, it would be easy to pick up the keyboard and start blogging again.  Silly me; there is a lot of work to setting up a household.  And, my studio space, for example, is only about a third of the way unpacked.  I do have my drawing table unpacked.  Pencil and paper are always at the ready, so things are looking up.

All that being said, I have wanted to start writing again.  Here we go then and, I do hope that you remember me.

Farewell Talent, Oregon.

So, I’d like to say a fond farewell to Talent, OR.  I thoroughly enjoyed our seven years there.  And, while there, I did some sketches of some of the places around town.  I have included a few just for fun.

Rail Depot.

One of my favorite buildings in town is the old rail depot.  I did a few sketches and here is my favorite watercolor and ink version.  The forward part of the building as space for a cafe.  Currently, it is the home of “Sweet Beet Station”.

Remembering Talent Rail Depot

“Funky Fashions”.

The old building that used to be the home of “Funky Fashions” is also a favorite.  “Funky Fashions” was owned by our neighbor when we moved in to Talent back in 2012.  Since then it has changed businesses a couple of times.  Now, it’s the home of “Biscuits and Vinyl”.

Remember Funky Fashions

“Downtowne Coffee”

One business that did not change while we were there was “Downtowne Coffee”.  It is situated in what was once a gasoline station.  I recommend the espresso at “Downtowne Coffee”; it tastes so good!

Remember Talent OR

Gas Station.

Come to think of it, I did do a sketch of one of the gas stations that is still a gas station.  The employees were nice and this is one of my favorites.

Remember Talent: 76 Gas Station

Fond Memories.

I will remember Talent and the people who live there with fondness.







6 thoughts on “Remember Me – It’s About Blogging & Leaving Talent OR”

  1. Peggy, Wherever you go, I’ll always remember you (and Robert) with great fondness. I’m certain you’ll enjoy many adventures and much success in your new location. We’ll be anxiously waiting to read all about it!

    1. Hi Barb! So kind of you to say so! There is plenty of subject material here in Ilwaco! Between fishing boats and public gardens, I ought to have plenty of fun challenges. The biggest one will be dealing with the rain. Still, Talent was a good place to live. I hope you’re doing well and best wishes to you! Thank you!

  2. Your art is simply beautiful. You might like to go on the studio tour on Thanksgiving weekend and meet other artists. Your paintings would be much admired. Thrilled to have you as neighbors and looking forward to seeing what you paint around Ilwaco.

    1. Hi Skyler,
      Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment! I appreciate the information about the studio tour this coming Thanksgiving weekend. It will indeed be fun to meet other artists on the peninsula. Thank you!

    1. Hi Ruth! Moving is certainly a process and it has gone fairly smoothly, I’m pleased to say. And, the urge to get creating is helping me put the studio back into shape. Thanks for stopping by!

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