Drawing Talent: The Gas Station

Bus Stop or Gas Station?

Right before Watercolor Society of Oregon convention weekend (see previous post “Painting Size Matters – WSO Conventions Lessons Learned”), I took some time to do another “Drawing Talent” piece.  It was late afternoon.  You could say rush hour, but we don’t have a rush hour in Talent, OR.

I had intended to paint the bus stop that is in front of the gas station (to the left of my drawing), but it was in complete shadow.  Instead, I sat down and examined a view of gas pumps and square pillars.

Talent 76 Gas Station

Drawing Busy Places

Its fun and interesting drawing a place with activity.  Cars came and when.   Employees went about there business.  Oregon is one of the few states remaining that requires gas station attendants to pump gas into customers cars.  The employees were busy.  I didn’t know so many people came by for gas.

With so much activity, I worked fast and looked for big shapes.

Conversation with Brett

An employee named “Brett” noticed me sitting across the street with watercolor sketchbook in hand.  He came over and we had a short chat.

After my session, I went in to talk to Brett and show him what I was up to.   I was treated to some local news.  The owners have purchased the adjacent lot with intentions on expanding.  So, what do you know, I’ve drawn a piece of Talent history.

By the way, it is a “76” station.



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