1. James Kissel
    August 30, 2019 @ 3:42 am

    Wow! Two important lessons in one blog post. One very difficult for the beginner/intermediate to understand and one very important for the beginner watercolour painter to learn early in their painting journey.

    The second one first: “It is just a piece of paper. Turn it over and start again.” I was fortunate to have been gifted a 1/4 sheet of quality watercolour paper by a fellow student after only a couple of weeks into learning to paint. This lead to me being the point man for a bulk order for most of the class. I ended up with 100 1/4 sheets of paper. I never again worried about a risky start. Since that time, I’ve always been well stocked with paper so as to never worry about ‘spoiling’ as sheet of paper.

    The first, and more difficult lesson you mention is about design and changing it as you paint. Once I found a design framework and a process to design my composition, older and wiser heads told me that it needs to allow for changes in the design as one develops the painting. I wan’t quite ready for that lesson. It took a couple of more years of painting before I was ready to learn that particular lesson.

    Good on you for mentioning them. I have found that neither gets a mention in most “modern” watercolour instruction books/blogs/tutorials/youtube.


    • Peggy
      September 10, 2019 @ 2:24 pm

      Hi David, Thank you so much for sharing your discoveries. Because, at least for me, part of learning is the little discoveries that we make first hand in our work. And, it is the encouragement of the “older and wiser heads” that plants the seeds of ideas to try when we are ready. Again, thank you for sharing and adding your own experiences!


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