Talent: A Word Rattling Around My Brain! Plus, Its Where I Live.

Talent: a special aptitude, skill or gift someone seems to have; the t-word.

Talent Railroad Depot

Just Thinking.

Greetings!  The word and concept of “talent” has been rolling around in my head for a week or two.  Its odd, I think, but recently I’ve read good blog posts by other artists on the subject of talent, skills, passion; you know, the special gift.  So, naturally, I decided it was a topic I wanted to explore.

My intention is just to share my mind’s meanderings.  To clarify, I don’t have a great, deep answer about what talent is or is not.  Rather, I’m just riffing on the concept.


You see, the “t-word” seems to be something that people (and artists in particular) are driven to talk about from time to time.  Granted, it’s not really so surprising.  Consider this, if you have achieved a certain level of competence in drawing or painting (or pretty much anything), chances are that someone has complimented you and said that you’re gifted or special, (t-word again).

Talent Library

Are We All Talented?

I wonder, do you suppose we call people “talented” if they’re good at mathematics or the sciences?

Come to think of it, some schools do have a “gifted” program.

Can We Grow It?

What do you think, wouldn’t it be fun to grow and harvest that gifted, special aptitude stuff?   Or, rather, I gather that we do grow our skills and abilities when we work at our favorite thing; that special aptitude we have.

Hard Won Skill?

Back to the blog posts I’ve been reading, artist David Hettinger, for example, talks about his hard won skills as “talent”.  To elaborate, he has studied and worked hard to achieve the special skills so noted by other people.

I like the title of his blog post:  “Talent is a Reward For Work Done”.  Well said!

Talent 76 Gas Station

What About…?

But what about the child who displays a gift or special ability?

I would say we love to look at a child’s drawings and paintings.  Its interesting and fascinating to see how the young mind works.  Perhaps some of us do have a pre-disposition to drawing, painting, mathematics, science and etc.  I wonder.

Nurture, Nature, Both?

I do remember loving drawing as a child and wanting to figure out how to do things better.

Odd, don’t you think?  Or, are we hardwired of born with that urge to get better even at a young age?

So, mix nature and nurture; teaching and praise; and then perhaps the we give the gift of talent to children.  Just a thought from my meandering mind.


And for me, I am inspired by what my fellow artist said.  To re-iterate, talent is a hard won skill; I can relate.

Most of all, I know in my bones that a special aptitude serves me best when I work and develop it!  Put another way, who cares if I have talent especially if it lays dormant?  Its the work that matters.

Talent, Organic Grind Coffee

Talent: Its Where I Live!

Then, there is the fact that I currently live in Talent, OR.  See?  No wonder the word rattles around my head!

What about you and your skills?  Thoughts?





2 thoughts on “Talent: A Word Rattling Around My Brain! Plus, Its Where I Live.”

  1. I’ve written and pondered on this quite a bit over the past few years. Drawing was important to me as a child, but I had to formally pursue help to develop the skills I needed to express myself. My youngest son, however, has the real thing; the ability to use his inborn predeliction simply from his soul. Accurately and with a genuine style all his own.

    1. Hi Alice! Thank you for the comment. I recalled a posting on your own blog about your son’s drawings of World War I soldiers and had to go find it again. (For those of you who haven’t seen the posting, please follow this link: https://whatercolorit.blogspot.com/2018/01/soldiers-in-copic.html)

      It is a wonder and incredible where these inborn predilections come from. In this case, embracing the desire or drive is a good thing! Again, thank you!

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