Downtowne Coffee House, Talent OR

Downtowne Coffee House, Drawing Talent Series

Time To Draw

Yes!  Today was a lovely fall day!  Sky blue, temperatures mild, calm winds.  That means time to go outside and do another “Drawing Talent” piece!

Armed with stool, paint tool box, paper, water, sunscreen, hat…etc, OFF I GO!  It was late morning on a Sunday.  Certainly there will be no one around and I can draw and paint in peace.*  Well, no.  There we a lot of people at the Downtowne Coffee House!

Downtowne Coffee House, Talent OR

Busy At Downtowne Coffee House

Cars, dogs, people everywhere!  The Downtowne Coffee House has outside tables and they were full of patrons.  Judging by the coming and going of cars, I’d say the inside seating was doing pretty good too!  I was pleased to see such a hopping, thriving business on a Sunday morning.

It did make it challenging to draw and paint.  I worked quickly to get the big shapes of the cars before they moved; which they did.  And, others took their place.

I have had coffee here several times.  I particularly like their espresso.  As a matter of fact, I sat at one of their outdoor tables to do one of my previous “Drawing Talent” pieces, “Drawing Talent:  Joe Dunbar Designs & Talent Cafe”.

It was a fun morning.  When I walked home, there were several young people at the skate park.  For what I call a sleepy town, Talent certainly was active today!


* I enjoy interruptions by interested passersby.  That is one of the points of my “Drawing Talent” project.  I get to know Talent; Talent people get to know me.  Win; win!


4 thoughts on “Downtowne Coffee House, Drawing Talent Series”

  1. Dan and Sarah Goyette

    Hello and THANK YOU so much for choosing our coffeehouse to paint! We love the painting; is it possible to buy a print? We would love to hang a large framed version up in the shop! You are an amazing talent, we look forward to seeing more of your paintings!

    Thank you again, from Dan and Sarah

    1. Thank you Dan and Sarah! I’m pleased that you enjoyed my painting. Yes, I will send you an email with my contact information to see what we can do!

      PS. I enjoy your coffee shop and what you bring to our community! Thanks!

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