Experimenting With Daniel Smith Moonglow

Experimenting Day! Two Horse Studies: Day 18 #stradaeasel January Challenge

Experimenting With Paper and Paint.

Greetings! Strada Easel challenge day 18 studies are about experimenting.  For my first piece, I decided to try Daniel Smith‘s “Moonglow”, a lovely blend of pigments that make a nice neutral grayish tint.  The experiment?  Getting a feel for how the blend of pigments handles.

This first study was done in a Moleskine Watercolor Notebook.

Experimenting With Daniel Smith Moonglow

Using Horse Models.

My model horses are good for experiments.  That is to say, they’re fun to draw and I never get tired of them.  

Stillman & Birn Nova Series.

Then, an idea struck!  I was recently gifted a sample pack of Stillman & Birn’s new Nova series of toned papers.  And, in the sample pack is black paper that I had yet to try.  

Experimenting with Stillman & Birn Nova Series

Black Paper; Opaque Paint.

Hmmm.  Time to experiment with black paper!  I drew a different model horse “from life” using white colored pencil first.  Then, I used Winsor & Newton gouache and watercolor.  It was great fun!  You see, I am a “newbie” working with gouache and I am still getting a feel for how the paint works.  

I decided to leave the horse shape the black of the paper.  In which case, I needed to do “negative” painting.  That is to say, I painted around the horse shape.   I added a little bit of blue watercolor and opaque Naples yellow watercolor because I’m experimenting, naturally!

Positive and Negative.

So, one horse was painted “positively” – that is I painted the horse and left the background the “color” of the paper.  The other horse, I painted the background and left the horse shape the paper’s color.  Sort of a positive and negative experiment! 

Experimenting: Horse in Acrylic
Day 8 #stradaeasel challenge

Strada Easel Challenge Days 8, 10 & 11.

I’d like to share with you some of the earlier studies for the Strada Easel Challenge.  As stated before, I like experimenting with my horse models.  The possibilities seem endless.  Plus, I have a seemingly life long affection for horses.

Experimenting: Stepping Out Two
Day 10 #stradaeasel challenge.

Note, the first version of the particular horse model is day 7 of the #stradaeasel challenge.

Experimenting: Another Horse Stepping Out

Please enjoy!  And, now, on to day 19!


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