Teabag and Lemon studies

Days 5 Through 7, #stradaeasel Challenge. Studies: One Teabag; Two Horses

Three Studies.

Hi!  I thought I’d take a few moments and catch up on posting my daily studies for the #stradaeasel challenge.  I have been posting them to my Facebook personal page and business page.  But, not everyone has Facebook.  More to the point, I like to have my studies, paintings and drawings posted here.

Teabag and Lemon studies

Day 5.

After using acrylic for the first four days of the Strada Easel challenge, I decided to switch media.  I thought it would be fun to work with watercolor, my “go to” medium.  Still using the lemon wedge and teabag set up, I did one more study.

I feel I could go on doing variations on a theme of teabag and lemon.  It could be the start of an entire new series, especially if and when I start going abstract.  

However, I was getting in the mood to move on.

And yet, isn’t it kind of amazing that one can get so much content out of a simple teabag and lemon wedge?

Watercolor & Ink Studies: Appaloosa

Day 6.

But, it was time to move on, at least for awhile.  I pulled out my Breyer model horses to serve as subject. 

Which brings me to a thought.  The purpose of the challenge is to draw or paint from life, including still life.  So, my Breyer model horses fit the requirement – I’m drawing models from life; sort of still life horses.  

Also, since I have been experimenting with ink for another project, I decided to add ink to my horse studies.

The first study is of an appaloosa.  I love the serenity of this horse.  For appling the ink, I use dip pens.

Horse Studies

Day 7.

This is the way I get to know a subject, as I’ve probably mentioned before.  I do several studies.  Sometimes they, the studies that is, lead to paintings.  Other times, I just enjoy the studies as they are.

So, I’m studying horses, though the breed of horse isn’t my concern.  It is the character and expression.  Also, I have stuck the list that has the breed of each model away in storage.  So, I am somewhat at a loss.

With this study, I used a variety of dip pen nips to experiment with line quality. In the end, I was pleased with the study.

And, so, on I go with the Strada Easel challenge!


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