Day 4: Tea Bag With Lemon

Day Four: Tea Bag With Lemon; Strada Easel January 31 Day Challenge

Add Lemon.

Greetings!  Lemon and tea just go together like pepper and salt.  So, on day 4 of Strada Easel’s  challenge, I added a wedge to my tea bag still life.  

Day 4: Tea Bag With Lemon

I rarely have a fresh lemon in the refrigerator, but today I did.  So, it was inevitable that a wedge or slice would wind up in the picture.  And, I liked the lemon wedge.

Thought for Today.

I figure that one of the real issues of this challenge is dealing with a lack of confidence.  So, each day that I paint through the cloud of doubt is a victory.


I hope you enjoy my tea bag with lemon.  I imagine my next piece might have a tea bag or a lemon.  But, since I haven’t started yet, we’ll see!  ‘Til day five then!  

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