Problem? Day 3 Strada Easel 31 Day From Life Challenge

Strada Easel Day Three: Two Tea Bags. What To Do With A Problem Painting


I’d like to talk about problem paintings.  To explain, today’s study for the Strada Easel January 31 Day Challenge almost works; but not quite.  

Problem? Day 3 Strada Easel 31 Day From Life Challenge

Tea Bag Two (Too).

Speaking of today’s work, like yesterday’s, its another tea bag study.  I’d like to explain why I do several paintings of a subject before I discus my problem painting. Or, if it really is a problem.


Why another study of tea bags?  Generally, this is how I work.  I’ll do multiple still life drawings or paintings using similar objects in a set up.  Even such small changes as adding a second tea bag presents new opportunities.

In other words, this is how I do research and learn about a subject or subjects.

Not Happy.  Expectation Issue?

So, here’s the deal with today’s study.  It’s a problem and I’m not happy with it.  It seems like I fought the painting from start to finish.  Perhaps its just a case of skills not matching expectations.  However, what to do?


First of all, when faced with a piece I don’t like, the best thing to do is work.  

Let It Rest.

Second, if I get to a point where it could be finished, or  am ready to destroy the painting, I put it away.  Oddly enough, after some time, like a week or a month, the painting looks better.  Or, I see something I liked.  

More Work, Or Paint Over.

And, then, sometimes, its still as unsatisfactory as it was the day I “finished” it.  Still, I have options.  I can work on the painting some more and see if I can resolve the short comings.  Lastly, I can wipe the picture with a fresh coat of paint or two and start all over.

Situation Normal.

In summary, its normal, I think, for an artist to have an unsatisfactory piece.  And, my two tea bags fit in this category for me.  At the end of the month, I’ll look at it again and figure out what I want to do, or not.  


I’d like to close with one of my “prequel” studies.  In preparation for the challenge, I did several small studies.  The idea was to rehearse my daily painting concept.  I will let you know at the end of the month if it worked!  

Espresso and Time, Still Life Study

Please enjoy!

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