inspiration: sweet and sour version 2

Inspiration: Hot, Sweet And Sour, Days 16, 15 & 14 #stradaeasel January Challenge


Its Day 16 and I’d like to talk about inspiration!  To explain, I have been plugging away at the Strada Easel 31 Days in January Challenge.  Looking at all I’ve done, I thought it might be a good idea to start grouping some of the paintings together in order to eventually post all 31 works.  

With today’s grouping, I can share a bit about where I find inspiration.

inspiration: sweet and sour version 2
Day 16, #stradaeasel challenge.

Variations On A Theme.

“Sweet and Sour V2” is today’s piece.  As the name implies, I did a version 1 as well, that is what the “V” is about.

Inspiration: Sweet and Sour
Day 15, #stradaeasel challenge.

Ideas Inspire More Ideas.

What I’d like to tell you about is how I am coming up with the more recent pieces.  It is case of one painting inspiring the next.  In this situation, I have been thinking of phrases or titles that match the items I have available for still life set ups.  

For example, “sweet and sour” popped in my head while I was doing “hot and sour”.  Regarding “hot and sour”, I really don’t remember what I was doing in the kitchen, but, again, the idea struck me.  I think its because I am in the groove of pairing odd things and am receptive to inspiration.  Its sort of an on-going brain storming of ideas.

Inspiration: Loosey-Goosey Thinking.

This all seems sort of loosey-goosey, so I think I’ll try to explain this in a different way.  When one is working in a series, you seem to create conditions that encourage ideas and inspiration.  

For me, I’m almost constantly thinking about my little still life set ups.  So, its natural that one would lead to another.  I just have to look at an object and then I try to figure out how to get it to fit into my series of still life setups.

In any case, I hope you enjoy these three paintings.

Inspiration: Hot & sour
Day 14: #stradaeasel challenge.


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