#StradaEasel Challenge Day 1: Buddhist Prayer Ring & Box

31 Day #StradaEasel Challenge; Draw Or Paint From Life (Day One)

Challenge Time.

Hi!  I’m joining in the #StradaEasel January 31 Day Challenge!  The idea is to draw or paint from life every day then post the work to a personal facebook page.  Then, at the end of the month, those artists who have completed the challenge are entered in a drawing for a Strada easel.

Day 1 #StradaEasel.

#StradaEasel Challenge Day 1: Buddhist Prayer Ring & Box



However, my goal is to complete the 31 days.  I figure that’s tough enough!  Though, naturally, a Strada easel would be nice!  Either way, I win!


Artist and friend Kay Driver was the person who brought this challenge to my attention.  She has participated in Strada Easel’s September Plein Air Challenge.  Doesn’t that sound fun and amazing?

I have wanted to complete something like this ever since I saw artist and friend Karen Knutson complete a similar challenge.  I was inspired and impressed by the work Karen did.

Getting Ready.

Over the past week or so I’ve been practicing, testing what will work for me and getting myself in the right mindset.  You see, I figure one of the biggest hurdles for me is confidence.  

Three Step “Plan”.

So, step one is to get to the easel!  Once started, I have a great time.  Step two is keeping things simple.  Step three is to not get to fussy.  This is not the time for perfection.

I’m sure there are other steps, but I’ll keep it to three for a start.

Naturally, I’ll want to post many of the paintings and drawings here, either daily or in a batch.  The idea, though, is to keep things simple so I can achieve my goal:  make it through 31 days!

About The Paintings.

Yesterday (December 31st, 2017), I did a painting of an empty espresso cup.  As I was finishing, a thought occurred to me.  The empty cup could be a metaphor for a year as it winds down.  The espresso has been consumed like the year has been used up; all is done.

So, I thought I’d do a box for today.  Inside it is full of hidden potential – the gifts of a new year.  I added my “Buddhist Prayer Ring”; it was a gift from one of my sister’s over 40 years ago.  At the time, she was an exchange student to Japan.  Perhaps, my personal prayer for this year is one for kindness. 

(Day Minus One).

Day Minus One: 31 Day Challenge, Empty Espresso Cup


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