Muddy Color: Tea Timer

Muddy Colors: Day 17 Tea Time-R*

Muddy Is Good.  Day 17, #stradaeasel Challenge.

Greetings!  Today’s muddy color study is Day 17 of the #stradaeasel challenge.   I was pleased with the grays I used today and thought I’d share with you how I achieved these subtle colors.

Muddy Color: Tea Timer

The Set Up.

To begin with, today’s still life set up was gray.  What to do?   Just thinking; all that gray.

Muddy Color: Gray Still Life


Dirty Palette.  

As I pondered what colors to combine to create my gray, muddy color, I looked at my palette.  It is rather dirty and probably ought to be cleaned off.  

Dirty Palette = Muddy Palette

But, wait, why not find my gray here?

So, that’s what I did: touch paint here, mix paint there and, voila, I have warm gray (brownish) mud or cool, bluish gray mud.  

Mud next to mud can be lovely, I think.

Still Muddy Palette.  

I must say, it was fun.  However, my palette is still not clean; it rarely is.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll give it a clean.  Or not.  I may need a muddy palette again!

Catch Up Time:  Day 9. 

Keeping with the theme of tea, I’d like to share the study for Day 9 of the #stradaeasel challenge.



*Tea Time-R

The title reminds me of a computerized tee time call in system for golf courses my husband developed back in the 1990s.  It was called the “Tee Timer”.  

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