Stillman & Birn Nova Series

Review: Stillman & Birn Nova Series Toned Multi Media Paper

New Nova Paper!

Greetings!  I’d like to thank Stillman & Birn for sending me a sample pack of their new Nova Series Toned Paper for Multi Media.  

Gift Via Stillman & Birn’s Facebook Page.

To explain, I was one of 100 artists who won a sample-pack give away on Stillman & Birn’s Facebook page.  Thank you!

Stillman & Birn Nova Series

Time for Some FUN!

I am excited to have the opportunity to try out the new paper.  In particular, toned papers are fun to work with plus I like the quality of Stillman & Birn’s papers.  Specifically, I have used their Beta Series sketchbooks and find them to be most excellent.

First Go With Nova.

So, here is my first experiment with the Nova series.  Using a gray sheet, I used gouache, watercolor, colored pencil and watercolor pencils.  I was pleased with the quality of the paper as it was able to withstand three or four separate washes.  Granted, I only used wet media in small areas.  But, the paper dried out nicely.

About the Paper.

The paper is heavy weight (150 gsm) and medium grain.  That is to say, It has enough tooth to accept multiple layers of colored pencil, which I like.  

According to their specification’s page, the paper is designed to handle dry media (like colored pencils), a light wash, and ink.  

Somewhat Dry Watercolor OK.

I did make sure that my watercolor brushes were somewhat dry (damp) and not as wet as I usually work.  But, as I mentioned before, I was pleased that I could re-wet an area and still the paper dried flat.

Onward to Ink!

Next, I think I’ll try some ink and gouache!  The tooth of the paper ought to be just grand with my dip pens and ink!  You see, stashed away in my studio I have India ink and acrylic inks that work particularly well on a medium tooth paper!

Yes; I Recommend!

What do I think?  I recommend the paper and look forward to experimenting with the beige and black!

Nova Series: Egg and Egg Cup

Other Blog Articles About Stillman & Birn’s Nova Paper.

The first place where I saw the Nova paper mentioned was on Shari Blaukopf’s blog “The Sketchbook”.   In particular, the blog post “First Snow and Other Experiments on Toned Paper” caught my attention.  She share several pieces she did on the Nova paper with different kinds of media.  Since then, Shari has posted more work on the toned paper in other articles.  In any case, I found her work inspiring!

Jennifer McLean’s Blog “Just Add Water Silly” has a review of the Stillman & Birn Nova Series sketchbooks.  Particularly interesting are the different media she uses.  Plus, her paintings of an ink well and pine cone are just stunning.  

Thank You!

Again, thank you Stillman & Birn.

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