Challenge: Drawing From Life

Strada Easel 31 Day Challenge

Challenge Time.

I have decided to try my hand in participating in a 31 day art challenge this upcoming January 2018.  Strada Easel is hosting the challenge for artists.  To explain, the idea is to draw or paint from life every day.  Also, artists post their work along with the hashtag #stradaeasel to their facebook page.

Challenge: Drawing From Life

The Prize?  

Well, yes.  Strada is adding a little extra incentive.  For artists who post all 31 days in January, they will be entered into a drawing for one of five Strada easels.  

However, I figure the easels aren’t the only prizes.  For me, just finishing the challenge would be quite the prize.  Even though drawing and painting on a daily basis is what I do, finishing either on a daily basis is hard.  It will require focus.  Even harder, I’ll need let go of fussing over a detail here or there.

Artist Kay Driver and Plein Air Challenge.

I found out about the challenge from friend and fellow artist Kay Driver.   She’s done another of Strada’s similar events before.  In September, they have a daily plein air challenge.  And, I gather from Kay, it was quite the work out.

Artist Karen Knutson, 30-in-30 Challenge.

Another of my artist friends Karen Knutson  participates in another 30-in-30 painting challenge hosted by Leslie Saeta.  One thing I learned from Karen is that she does some prior planning to make sure she is ready and able to finish the 30-in-30.  Karen does abstract paintings she calls “Little Abbey’s”; impressive!


So, I figure I need to set some personal goals, prepare some paper and do some practicing. 

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy a still life study completed today.

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