Humor: Meet Ms LemonDrop.

A Bit Of Humor; Day 15 #30paintingsin30days Challenge. Ms LemonDrop Enjoys Espresso

Maybe a touch of gentle humor is just what’s needed.

A Need For Humor.

Greetings!  I’d like to share with you a some thoughts on humor, composition and Ms. LemonDrop.

Humor: Meet Ms LemonDrop.
Day 15 #30paintingsin30days.

To explain, I seem to find a bit of humor irresistible from time to time.  In a way, I think this penchant for adding whimsical elements to be contradictory to my intentions.

You see, I want to be taken as a “serious” artist, whatever vague notion that implies. And, at the same time, I add kitties, ponies, or, as in the case, Ms. LemonDrop.  In other words, silly things.

On the plus side, maybe we need more “gentle humor”.   You know, the quiet kind that brings a smile and reminds one of the joy of life.

Ms. LemonDrop: A Necessary Shape.

That being said, can you image this little watercolor and color painting without my little toy, Ms. LemonDrop?  As I was drawing my design, I wondered what to do about that area.  It was empty and boring.  However, it was supposed to be about the espresso cup and timer.

Then, looking over at my still life table, I spied the little toy.

Composition Saved.

As I see it, Ms. Lemon Drop was just begging to be included.  And, who am I to disappoint?

Ms. LemonDrop added just the shape needed to engage the lower right.  Come to think of it, did you notice the triangle created by the three objects?

Anyway, Ms. Lemon Drop rescued my composition.

A Gift That Endures.

I would like to share one final thing about Ms. LemonDrop.  My Mother gave me the small toy at least 25 years ago.  You see, it was just a little silly something added to a gift package.

And, yet, I have carried it with me all these years.  Plus, the toy appears is lots of drawings and small paintings.  In other words, it has become something I treasure and it always makes me think of Mom.

A Smile or a Chuckle.

So, I hope that Ms. LemonDrop and her Espresso Time-R bring a smile, a chuckle, or some gentle humor to your day.

Warmest regards.


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