“Espresso Time-R” at Rogue Gallery’s Annual Member’s Exhibition


I am pleased to say that my painting “Espresso Time-R” is in the 2017 Annual Member’s Exhibition at the Rogue Gallery.  
Rogue Gallery & Art Center (Medford)

Exhibition Details.

This is to let you know the where and when of the show.

  • Location:  Rogue Gallery and Art Center, 40S Bartlett St., Medford OR
  • Opening Reception:  Friday, November 17, from 5 to 8 pm.
  • Show Dates:  November 17th through December 21
  • View during business hours:  
    • Tuesday – Friday:  10am to 5pm
    • Saturday:        11am to 3pm 

About the Exhibition, From The Gallery’s Website.

“This exhibit gives Rogue Gallery members an opportunity to exhibit one piece of their work on the central theme of “Time”. Over 50 artists are participating in this non-juried exhibit. Artists’ submitted artwork that reflects their personal interpretation of the theme. The exhibit includes watercolors, acrylic, and oil paintings as well as sculptures, photography, and pastels”.

Participating Artists:

I would like to highlight that, per the gallery’s website, over 50 artists submitted work this year.  Included are the following artists:

Bruce Allen, Rachel Barrett, Betty Barss, Bruce Bayard, Linda Boutacoff, Robert Broadway, Susan Eileen Burnes, John Campbell, Jim Curtis, Julia Dahl, Ann Di Salvo, Linda Dixon, Phyllis Earls, Anna Elkins, Linda Elesiya Evans, Kim Faucher, Debby Fisher, Cynthia Flowers, Tom Glassman, Kelly Gratton, Phyllis Gustafson, Claudia Harlow, Nomeca Hartwell, Pam Haunschild, Anna Hinkle, Howard Hunt, Marilyn Hurst, Zelpha Hutton, Jennifer Ivey, Joan Kennedy, Judy Benson LaNier, Christina Madden, Dave Mathewson, Anna May, Linda Meerten, Vera Melnyk, Kathy Morawiec, Judy Ghetti Ommen, Tom Ommen, Cecilia Pestlin, June Shepard, Margaret Stermer-Cox, Leland Struebig, Cherri Van Syoc, Daniel Verner, Doug Wallace, Karen Wallace, Gerald Westgerdes, Marilyn Westgerdes, Charlotte L. Wirfs, Walter Wirfs, Eve Margo Withrow”.

Happily, many of the artists showing are personal friends; I look forward to seeing their work!

About My Painting.

Daily Espresso.  So, each morning I start my day with a couple of cups of espresso.  And, for those of you who have followed my work, you might have noticed that espresso and coffee cups appear in my paintings often.   One could say there is a life theme being expressed in my painting.  

Why Espresso Cups?  I’d like to explain that one of the reasons that the cups appear so often is that they are a good objects to teach oneself how to draw or paint.  Specifically, its the ovals of the cup’s mouth and the semi-circles of the cup’s handle that are challenging.  And, the shapes are fun to play with when I want to go abstract!

Time-R.  Back to the painting’s title:  “Espresso Time-R”, I added my favorite kitchen timer so the title would fit.  And, if the painting was about time, I could enter it into the Rogue Gallery’s “Time” show.   Furthermore, you guessed it, I like the shapes of the timer; so much so, I keep drawing and painting it!

Distorted By Design.  As is my style, I chose to play with the shapes of the timer and espresso.  I flatten them, distort them and paint them expressive colors.  Perhaps this is because its espresso time!  And, energy and I like espresso!

Acrylic.  This particular painting is done in acrylic.  Much of the work I have been doing this past year has been in acrylic, which is something different for me.  Most of my show work is in watercolor.  I thought it was time to show some of my new acrylic work.  


If you are in the area, please do stop by the Rogue Gallery & Art Center.  Please, take your time and feast your eyes on a wonderful collection of artworks.  

And, naturally, if you would please stop by my “Espresso Time-R” and have a look.  

Thank you!


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