Heartened: Watercolor Painting In Juried Show

Heartened: WSO Spring Exhibition and Day 14 “The Heart Is Complicated”

Heartened, as in feeling encouraged, elated and (nearly always) cheerful.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Good News.

Heartened: Watercolor Painting In Juried Show

I am so pleased to say that my watercolor painting “Three Minute Egg V11” was juried in to the Watercolor Society of Oregon (WSO) Spring Experimental Exhibition.  The Juror is Ms. Fran Larsen, an artist I have long admired.

Its truly an honor and I’m elated.  To have one’s painting selected is heartening!  Put another way, its like a validation of your work and artistic vision.

And, I’m always aware of the many fine artists all producing wonderful art.

WSO Spring Experimental Exhibition.

The exhibition consists of 80 paintings of WSO artist members selected by the juror.     It will be held at Gallery One of the Florence Events Center.  Details are as follows:

  • Exhibition Dates:  April 7th to April 23d.
  • Location:  Gallery One, Florence Events Center, 715 Quince Street, Florence, OR
  • Hours:  M-F. 9:00am to 4:30pm

Isn’t it nice this good news came on Valentine’s Day?

The Heart Is Complicated.

Day 14 of #30paintingsin30days.

Heartened: The Heart Is Complicated

Well, I certainly complicated this heart painting.  But, I did it on purpose!  You see, sometimes its just fun trying to make things complicated, and then simplified.  Its one way to test one’s capabilities.

A Couple Of Complications.

Busy-ness.  For this painting, the way I made things complicated was by having all these lines and shapes running all over the page.

Variety of Pigments.  The other way I “complicated” things, or created variety, was using several different colors, including shades of violets, reds, yellows oranges and greens.

Three Simplifications.

Heartened: Design Scheme Illustrated
Illustration of upside down “L” Design Scheme.

Design Scheme.  However, to organize and simplify, I added a design structure.  Do you see the upside down “L” shape, (from upper left, to upper right then down to lower right).

Glazes.  Another way I simplified was to “glaze” or apply a thin, watery coat of paint over several shapes to connect them.  The shapes keep their own integrity, but then, they’re part of a bigger shape.

Dominant Color.  A third way I simplified was to have a dominant color and that is red.  Plus, I used a reddish color in most of the glazes.

What’s The Message?

Life and love may get complicated, but a strong heart (note the strong color) sings.

Be Heartened!

I do hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.  And, I hope that you feel heartened often!

Warmest regards.


2 thoughts on “Heartened: WSO Spring Exhibition and Day 14 “The Heart Is Complicated””

  1. Congratulations on the honour to your “Three-Minute Egg” painting!
    I found you through the Saeta challenge. I love your interesting composition today “The Heart is Complicated.” Very original and well painted

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