Overthink Or Not: Day 7 Cappuccino V4

Don’t Overthink It! Day 7 #30paintingsin30days, Cappuccino V4

Overthink, in this case, thinking and worrying so much as to become indecisive; almost.


Yes, and I didn’t know the word “overthink” is in the dictionary.

Defined another way, overthinking might be looking at possibilities and options in such a manner as to be counter productive.  My brain locks up.

Overthink Or Not: Day 7 Cappuccino V4

Overthink At The Easel: Counterproductive!

So; what does it have to do with today’s painting?  I was overthinking as I approached my easel.  Not surprising, I surmise, since I have some tasks to accomplish before I can hang my show in less than a week.

And, I was worrying, figuring and fussing about time.

The Challenge:  Time Management.

However, the point of participating in this #30paintingsin30 days challenge is to manage time and competing priorities.


As I stare at the paper, I get into the options: realism or abstraction; acrylic or watercolor; blue and orange or orange and blue.  You get it!  Too many options!

Come to think of it, do you ever have the same problem?

“Resistance Is Futile”.  ~ The Borg.  (Star Trek, Next Generation).

Finally, I just went for it!

I Do Have A Plan.

To review, my plan was to abstract my still life.   OK, then, lets just do it; quit resisting.

Oddly enough, when one finally shuts down the nagging part of the brain and goes for it, making art is a LOT more fun, interesting and engaging.

Be the Coffee Cup!

Moonlight.  So what’s this painting about?  Maybe its a sort of moonlight sonata.   That is to say imagine having a nice cup of cappuccino in a room filled with only the light from a nice, full, blue moon.

Dusk.  Or, it could be a “days is done” sort of painting.  Part of the painting (upper left) is warm like a setting sun; the other part is cool much like dusk or, again, a moonlit night.  Some shapes are sharply defined; others are blurred by soft edges.  The coffee cup, for example, melds into the table.

Victory! Maybe, it reflects my struggle and, ultimate victory, over being wishy washy.  At least for the moment!

No Overthinking!

Perhaps, I ought not to overthink the meaning and just present the painting.  I hope it has meaning for you!

For Collecting & Commenting.

I would like to close by saying that these studies that I have been doing for both the #stradaeasel and #30paintingsin30days challenges are available for collecting at $50 a piece.  Should you be interested, please contact me!

In any case, I would love to hear from you, either through the contact form or by leaving a comment!


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