Intentions: Cappuccino V5

Intentions Evolve, Cappuccino V5. Day 8 of #30paintingsin30days.

My “big idea” or intentions: use line as the dominate design feature; subordinate shape.

Intentions: Cappuccino V5

Another Cappuccino Variation.

Greetings!  Its Day 8 of the #30paintingsin30days challenge hosted by Leslie Saeta Studios!

And, its another version of my cappuccino cup and frothing pitcher.  The fun thing about working variations on a theme is that I never know where I’ll go.

You might want to look at Day 4 for the first cappuccino painting.  Its evolving!

Changed Arrangement.

It this variation, I brought the frothing pitcher forward just to see how it might look. That is the wonderful part about using ones imagination when designing a painting: I can change things any way I want to!  And, just to see what will happen!


This was a painting that started as a bunch of lines and I thought I wanted to keep it a bunch of lines. But, then, I thought I’d a bit of orange on the coffee cup would be good.

Change One Thing, Change Everything!

Everything changed!  The orange shape stuck in the middle of the painting didn’t make any sense.  But, I liked the orange shape.  So, I had to re-work everything to resolve the picture and create unity.

So, from an intention of using line as the dominant design feature, I ended up with a painting where line is subordinate to shape.

And, that’s the way it goes sometimes!

This was fun!  Next!


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