Horse As Subject: Study

The Horse As Subject; Day 9 #30paintingsin30days. Its Always Fun!

The horse is one of my most consistent, long term subjects.  And, here I am, drawing horses again!

Day #9 = Horse Study.


It is indeed Day Nine of the #30paintingsin30days hosted by Leslie Seata Fine Art.  Today’s piece is another in a long line of drawings and paintings featuring a horse as subject.

Horse As Subject: Study

Draw Once, Draw Often

I never grow tired of drawing or painting the horse, it seems.

So, as I take a short break from painting cappuccino and espresso cups, I’d like to share today’s horse painting with you.  I used watercolor and colored pencil for this particular study done on Stillman & Birn’s Beta Series paper.  For a subject, I used one of my Breyer models.

Also, I’m including versions of my Breyer Models that I did using my iPadPro, iPencil and the Procreate app.  Draw them once, draw them often – you might say.

Horse As Subject: Watching Your Six

People As Curiosity.

I did try drawing the animals from life at a stables once.  They kept moving so I could only draw them from a head-on view.  It seems they were as curious of me as I was of them.

Toy Pony.

In the past 10 years, for example, I’ve used the horse in my “Still Life With Toy Pony” series.  And, I spun that series off into its own mini-series.  Later, I linked up Toy Pony with MsKitty so they could go off and play.

Horse As Subject: MsKitty & Toy Pony at Play

I still have a crayon drawing of a horse and rider that I did more than five decades ago.  More evidence that I find these animals intriguing, interesting, and just beautiful.


I sometimes wonder why I draw horses; what is the fascination?  Beauty and grace come immediately to mind.  Also, some sort of vague notion of freedom perhaps linked to the vision of wild horses.

Oops, that’s almost a cliche, isn’t it?  When I looked up “horse as symbol”, I found references to freedom and power.

More To Come…Sometime In the Future!

In any case, I have a vague idea I’ll be doing more paintings of horses in the future!  In the meantime, please enjoy!

Horse As Subject: Horse, iPadPro study



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