Frame-In-Frame: Cappuccino V3

Cappuccino In The Frame; Its Day 6 of #30paintingsin30days!

Frame-in-frame design scheme, that is!

Just Frame It.

Hi!  For today’s painting, I purposely used a “frame-in-frame” design scheme.  Why?  Because its a good personal challenge to see if I can make it work.  Plus, I had an idea, you see.

Frame-In-Frame: Cappuccino V3

Ideas Lead Down Windy Path.

Well, sometimes ideas take me down paths I didn’t know existed.  Still, isn’t that part of the excitement of creating artworks?


My intention was to create depth by imposing deferent design schemes behind my subject items, the cappuccino cup and milk frothing pitcher.  Covered up by all the paint is a modified grid; its one of the furthest layers back.  Bits and pieces poke through.

On top of this layer, I imposed the “frame” – a rectangle, to emphasize the still life.

And, then, I added other shapes here and there to anchor the design.

In the end, it almost looks like a mosaic.  Not where I thought I’d go when I started, but maybe that is OK/fine!

Frame In Frame

Its About Experimenting.

You see, when I’m experimenting and doing studies, I figure its best to be open minded.  When something’s not working, I think about design and then adjust.  And, here we are.

White cup?

Think white chocolate cappuccino!  I certainly want you to see it, don’t I?

Art Show Preparation.

In addition to working this painting challenge, I am getting ready to hang between 15 and 20 paintings next week!  I am hanging the paintings at Ashland Parks and Recreation in Ashland, OR.

The show will be up for approximately 90 days starting February 12th.   Paintings can be viewed during business hours.  Here are the details:

  • Ashland Parks & Recreation Grover Building
  • 1195 East Main St., Ashland OR
  • Business Hours:  Monday – Friday, 8:30 am to 5pm.


Art2Business (A2B) facilitated this venue for me, I’m pleased to say.  A2B is a national art rental program.  Essentially, it links up local businesses with local artists.  And, we have that service available here in southern Oregon.  I have had several successful shows using their service.

In the frame: Irish Breakfast Tea
One of the paintings to be on display.

So, stay tuned!  More to come!

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