Experimenting with Shape and Color: Cappuccino V2

Experimenting: “Cappuccino, V2”. Acrylic Study For Day 5 of #30paintingsin30days

And, for me, studies are all about experimenting!   And, experimenting leads to expanding knowledge and skill – one hopes!


It is indeed Day 5 of the #30paintingsin30days challenge hosted by Leslie Saeta Studios.

Experimenting with Shape and Color: Cappuccino V2

Experimenting With Color.

I like to study color and color meaning.   For example, in this piece I think of the white as the “color” of milk in the cappuccino.  As you might have expected, the orangish color refers to the coffee part of the cappuccino.

I was having so much fun working the white and orange that I decided to minimize any additional colors.  Why?  Just to see what it would look like.

However, you will notice there is some bluish color.  That is because orange likes to have its compliment blue nearby, so to speak.  They “sing” together.  The blue here being either a tenor or a base.  Perhaps the orange is the soprano.

Experimenting With Shape.

If this composition reminds you of silhouettes, then you are spot on.  The white shapes are linked much like the paper of a silhouette or a stencil.  It is one way of simplifying the composition.


For me, when I think of a nice warm cup of cappuccino, it gives me pleasure.  If my study generates a smile, I’ve succeeded!

Maybe, even a nice pumpkin spice cappuccino; good at any time of the year!

Studies Are For Collecting.

One final word for today, I would like to mention that all of these studies are available for collecting.  Studies are $50 a piece.  Please feel free to contact me if you please!  Thanks!



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