Organic Grind, Watercolor & Ink

“Organic Grind” Coffee Kiosk – Drawing Talent Series*

Grinding Another Drawing

Greetings!  Its “Organic Grind” time!   And, time to add another entry in my “Drawing Talent” series.  The series is about on location watercolor drawings of my hometown  of Talent, OR.  (See the bottom of this post for more about the series).

Today I took the opportunity to walk to “Organic Grind”, a local drive through coffee kiosk.

Organic Grind, Watercolor & Ink


About “Organic Grind”

“Organic Grind” is located on one of my exercise routes.  Its also located near one of the main intersections in town where Valley View Drive crosses the Pacific Highway. Its a busy place with lots of customers driving though every morning.  I went out late morning to draw the kiosk and it was still busy.  There was a steady stream of cars driving through.  It made drawing the kiosk interesting as the cars blocked part of the view.  Fun, though.

Today’s baristas were Shawna and Crystal.  I met Shawna; she was nice and enthusiastic about the fact I was drawing the kiosk.

Today’s Lesson Learned

Oh, I learned something today.  As I said above, the kiosk is located near one of the main intersections in town.  The first location I chose for drawing was near one of the roads.  I set up just inside of the sidewalk that borders Valley View Road.

OOOPS!  Not so good.  Valley View Road gets plenty of truck traffic.  Even though I wasn’t on the road, I felt its effects.  The first truck that went by sent my paper flying.  I was received a nice back-blast gust of air.  Not so fun.  I retrieved my equipment and found a better place to draw.

Lesson learned when drawing and painting outside, make sure you are away from truck traffic!

We Love Our Coffee

One thing about the Pacific Northwestern states – we like our coffee.  Its my impression that most towns have several places where one can get an excellent cup of espresso or coffee.  This is one of the things I like about the Northwest.

Double Espresso – Of Course

Naturally, I had to have a double espresso after completing my drawing.  In my opinion, the best way to test a coffee place is to try the espresso – neat of course.  No milk, sugar, cream, syrup or other foreign things in my espresso.

I like an espresso that leaves a satisfying, slightly citrus-ie after taste.   I enjoyed “Organic Grind’s” espresso and recommend it.

Organic Grind, Ball Point Pen

The Drawings

Back to the drawings.  This past February, I did a quick study of the kiosk.  At that time, there were people ordering from one of the coffee windows.  I did this small drawing during my morning exercise session.  I gave myself five minutes or less to do the drawing.  Such time limits force me to look at the big shapes.

Today’s drawing was the watercolor and ink study.  It was done in about an hour or less.  There is nothing particularly magical about the timing.  I’m just working on my ability to focus.  Plus, I want to do the studies quickly so the light doesn’t change too much.

Drawing Talent Series

*Note:  The intention of my “Drawing Talent” series is to get to know my home town one watercolor and ink study at a time.  I started this series in May, 2014.  Its fun and interesting.  Its the type of the thing that one might not ever finish.  Already, some buildings have changed businesses a couple of times.  And, there are plenty of places I haven’t drawn yet.  I have only gone to places within walking distance.

More soon!  I hope you enjoy the drawings!


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