Drawing Talent: TID Dumb Truck

Drawing Talent: TID Dump Truck

I just wanted to do it – go and draw something around Talent, OR.  Its been several months since I’ve been out.  Things just keep getting in the way.

Drawing Talent: TID Dumb Truck

For example, rain and storms are headed our direction.  And, it should be rainy for several days.

The signs were there that maybe I’d get rained on.  But, I wanted to go anyway.

So, after lunch dishes I got my tool kit together and made for the door.  Oops.  Where is my hat?  Yes, I do have a special hat that I wear when I’m out drawing on location.  It’s made by “Sunday Afternoons”, which is a Talent based apparel and hat company.

My husband found my special hat for me.

Happily, I walked out the door and went on my way.

Two blocks from the house, I realized I’d forgotten my water.  Kind of hard to work with watercolor without the water.  Fortunately, I had a spray bottle with me.  That’ll work.

I wanted to go down to a coffee kiosk.   But, with the dark clouds gathering over the mountains, I decided to pick a subject closer to home.

I do like the big equipment at the Talent Irrigation District’s motor pool.  Just the subject.

Fortunately, it doesn’t take long to set up and get to work.

My process is to do a graphite drawing, followed by ink then watercolor.  As I started laying out my drawing – the clouds looked the color of Payne’s gray.  I quickly switched to ink..then watercolor, then back to ink!

It was great fun, no time to think.

I collected my gear and went home.  An hour later, it still hasn’t rained.

The moral of the story?  Sometimes, you just have to go for it.  And, moral number two, be prepared when you forget something.

Maybe I should do a “Drawing Talent” checklist.  🙂


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