Hello! And welcome to my blog!

I’m Margaret Stermer-Cox and I’m a watercolor painter.

This blog is about art. It’s about my paintings and events; abstract art discussions, art history, etc. You get the idea: anything ART! Please, join me!

And if you would like to see my works, a visit to Dancing Clouds Gallery – my online art gallery – is called for! Just click on the link in the menu above. And, Thanks!

Events and Exibitions

  • Can you simplify?

    WSO presents a workshop on simplification at the WSO Fall Exhibition, presented by

    Margaret Stermer-Cox

  • Hang Up & Read Me A Story

    I am pleased to announce that my painting, “Hang Up & Read Me A Story” has been accepted for the Watercolor Society of Oregon’s Fall Watercolor Exhibition, October 6 – 30, 2018 at the Elsinore Framing & Fine Art Gallery in Salem, OR.

  • Carlton: Three Minute Egg V11Three Minute Egg v11” received the Fourth Place Award for the Watercolor Society of Oregon’s Spring 2018 Experimental Exhibition and will be included in the top 20 pieces that will continue as a part of a “traveling exhibition”, with the following stops:

    Backstreet Gallery, Florence (April 24 – May 31)
    Newport Visual Arts Center, Newport (May 31 – July 31)
    Wallow Gallery, Carlton (August 1 – September 30)

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