Tumalo Chairs; Watercolor

Tumalo Chairs, World Watercolor Month

July – World Watercolor Month.

“Tumalo Chairs” – doesn’t that sound poetic?  In honor of July being “World Watercolor Month”, I thought I’d post a watercolor and ink study I did while we were out camping.  I was particularly pleased with this watercolor sketch.  It is done in a Aquabee Super Deluxe sketchbook.

Tumalo Chairs; Watercolor

I imagine that most of these postings for “World Watercolor Month” will be short.  After all, this is for fun and to share.  Personally, I like the idea of celebrating an art form during a month.  Therefore, my intention is to create and to post a watercolor study most days.

Tumalo and Camping

To explain, “Tumalo” refers to the name of a state park and camp ground where husband Robert and I stayed for a few days.  Tumalo State Park is just north of Bend, OR.  It is next to the Deschutes River; perfect place for a summer day.

We just returned from our trip and are unpacking.  More camping watercolors to come!

Oh, yes, those are our camping chairs, ready for sitting.  They have stools for your leg comfort, too.  I just happened to be sitting on one of the stools.  Coincidentally, the stools are great to sit on while drawing and painting.  🙂



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