Five Minute Drawing: A Broken Seashell

Five Minute Drawing And #21aweek

Five Minute Drawing – my new “fast and furious” exercise*.

It’s About Drawing Skills.

Hi!  Lately I’ve been working on my drawings skills.  I am wondering, does that sound familiar?  It seems to me that several of my posts have started out that way.  Though, I suppose that is not surprising given that drawing is key to my artwork.

Five Minute Drawing - three samples

So, what is different about now?  The latest drawing exercise I’ve been working on is called “five minute drawing”.  The intention is to do 21 drawings a week which works out to three a day.  One can always do more.

Five Minute Drawing Explained.

To explain, I participated in an online mini-workshop by artist Gabriel Mark Lipper.  And, he introduced us to the five minute drawing concept.  Plus, Gabriel added a challenge of doing 21 a week, (search the hashtag #21aweek).  To encourage us, he said such a practice done over time will improve our skills.

Well, you know I had to go for it.

Four Five Minute Drawings


Oh, and yes, there are some caveats.  For example, be prepared for some rough drawings.  Gabriel suggested that about every 7th one or so might feel like a “good” one.  Still, such a short burst of intense focus ought to help our (my) ability to see and draw.  (Note: “short burst of intense focus” is fast and furious* drawing to me!)

Five Minute Drawing: Four drawings of odds and ends

Working The Challenge.

Now, then, to clarify, it has been a couple of weeks since I took Gabriel’s workshop.  And, I have been working on the five minute drawings.  Though, admittedly, some of the drawings are taking more than five minutes.  What happens is that I get into the drawing and loose track of time.  In such cases, however, one still strives to accomplish at least 21 drawings per week.

I would like to share with you the drawings from the last couple of weeks. Especially since that’s what this post is all about.

That and, come to think of it, would you like to take up the challenge?  Do a five minute drawing, then three-a-day on up to 21-a-week and see how it feels.  If you would like, please share what you think!

Five Minute Drawings: Three Views Of A Broken Seashell


*“Fast and Furious” refers to the movie series by the same name.

If you are interested, Gabriel Mark Lipper can be found at his website,

For a different type of quick drawings, check out this link from Gurney’s Journey blog.  It includes a thumbnail by the illustrator Saul Tepper.

Also, you can see more Saul Tepper thumbnail drawings, I recommend this blog post by Illustration Art:  Comic Con July 2013.

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    1. Hi Laura! I am back on a “five minute drawing” kick and was looking at this post again. And, then I saw your comment! My goodness and my apologies! It was so nice of you to stop by. Thank you!

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