Montana Watercolor Society Members Show: Detail, Three Minute 11gg #11

Montana Watercolor Society Online Exhibition & Award

Two “Three Minute Egg” Series Paintings On Display.

Greetings!  I am pleased to say that I have two paintings showing in the Montana Watercolor Society‘s 2020 Annual Members Exhibition.  The paintings are “Three Minute Egg #11” and “Three Minute Egg #12”.

Exhibition Details.

You can see the exhibition online through the Wilkins Gallery of the Lewiston Art Center, Lewiston MT.  There are 156 watercolor paintings to see and enjoy.  Though some of the paintings have already sold, most are still available for purchase.  The paintings will be online through the month of June, 2020.

Montana Watercolor Society Members Show: Three Minute Egg #11

Awarded Third Place.

And, today I received even more good news.  I was thrilled to learn that my painting “Three Minute Egg #11” earned Third Place.  Thank you to the Juror!

Artist’s Statement.

I would like to share with you my artist’s statement for these paintings.

“The two paintings included in this exhibition are part of a larger series of “Three Minute Egg” paintings. My favorite process is to work in a series. To explain, I start by creating a still life set up that is personal to me. Then, over a series of paintings, I abstract the composition. Sometimes I add new elements and other times I subtract.

In other words, the original setup is a point of departure. Through the succeeding paintings, I have an adventure. That is, I explore everything from meaning to composition.

These two paintings include an egg cup and timer. I like the shapes of these everyday items. It is my hope that by including such common place items, I can draw you, the audience, into my abstracted and stylized world.”

I hope that my paintings delight.  And, again, please do stop by the Montana Watercolor Society Members Show and enjoy the fine works of art.
Montana Watercolor Society Members Show: Three Minute Egg 12

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