Improvisation on a them of espresso cup and milk pitcher.

Improvisation. Day Three #30paintingsin30days, “Espresso No Milk V3”

Composing without a plan or preparation, that’s the type of improvisation I’m thinking about.

Improvisation In Painting.

Greetings!  I was thinking about my process for this acrylic study and the word “improvisation” came to mind.

Its like riffing on a theme of an espresso cup and pitcher.  If musicians can do it, why not painters?

Improvisation on a theme of espresso cup and milk pitcher.

Deliberate Process.

Usually, my process is more deliberate.  I do preparatory studies – often several done in pencil.  Then I carefully draw out the composition on paper before setting about painting.  Such a process has its place; its how I achieve my show pieces.

Idea Painting.

But, these studies are all about addressing the paper and setting down ideas quickly.   And, I think they have their place too.

The other nice thing is that I allow my mind to be open to ideas, within reason, while I work in an improvisational manner.  Put another way, I am in a creative mode.

Story Time.

I remember in my college days visiting a long time friend of our family.  In the evening time, several of the family members pulled out their musical instruments and started improvising on some sort of jazzy tune.  They were quite good, I remember thinking.

I also wondered how they did it!

Perhaps my bit of improvisation is like our family friends the musicians.  You have an idea or theme, and then you jump in!

Story Time Two: About the Title.

In any case, I hope you enjoy version two of “Espresso, No Milk”.   Oh, I ought to explain the title.  My husband and I like our espresso.  When we order espresso at coffee shops we are surprised at the number of times baristas ask us if we want milk with our espresso.  No, then it would be cappuccino.  So, we have espresso, no milk!

Thank you!

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