Abstracted: Espresso, No Milk V2

Day Two #30paintingsin30days Challenge; Abstracted: Espresso No Milk V2

Abstracted; its like busting loose or dancing on the edge.  Its about “flying” into the unknown.

But, you do have a support system defined by experience, intuition and wit.  Fortunately!


Hi!  Today’s painting is my busting loose, abstracted version of yesterday’s still life.  

Its a little bit intimidating to abstract, but its also exciting.  After a month of focusing on drawing from life, it was a nice change.

Abstracted: Espresso, No Milk V2

What’s Different.

The big difference between painting from life and painting from my imagination is where I look.  When painting from life, I look at the subject.  In this case, the subject is the still life.   And, I have to remind myself to look!

With abstracted paintings, my focus is on the picture plane.

What’s The Same.

However, some things remain the same, including the big consideration of composition!

What’s It About?

Anyway, this one is about enjoying espresso straight, no milk.  

Why blue?  

Maybe its in the morning when I first get up to make coffee and everything  is cold.  Or, I was having fun with blue.  Plus, there is the Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee been, which I’ve never had.  But, there’s blue in the name!

About the Challenge.

This is a challenge hosted by Leslie Saeta Fine Art.  The point is to enjoy painting 30 paintings in 30 days, starting yesterday.  So, here’s day two!

As I said yesterday “onward!”  

Thank you!

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