Young Forest, Mixed Watermedia

Young Forest – Green Two

About the Painting

Its about the greens in a young forest.

I painted this piece in 2005; its one of my favorites.  It was one of my early experiments with abstraction and mixed watermedia.  I used traditional watercolor paint and acrylic.

Young Forest, Mixed Watermedia

I had a general idea of where I wanted to go, but let intuition guide the way.  I played with texture, using wax paper to create impressions.  I stamped, stenciled and got my hands dirty.  FUN!


I called this abstract "Young Forest" because of the feeling of activity and movement in the painting.  Young things tend to be active and moving constantly.  In my head young and active work together!


Olympic Peninsula – Inspiration


I painted this during a time when I lived on the Olympic Peninsula of Northwest Washington State.  Alders are a common tree when the forests are young.  The trees are long, thin and with whitish bark.  In this painting, I wanted the feel of the Northwest forest so I added a tree shape in white, linked to a wavy water shape.  Alder trees, water, movement equals young forest in the Olympics to me!


The Challenge


This is second in a sequence of five paintings where green is the dominant color.  Thank you friend Ethel Forsberg (Visby, Sweden) for challenging me to post five paintings.



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