Green: View Across the Valley, M. Stermer-Cox

Green Three – View Across The Valley

Continuing on with the theme of green, this is a small watercolor painting I did in 2006.  The subject is a valley in Southern Oregon and is based on a drawing I did on location.  I liked the long view in front of the buildings across the valley.  And, typical of this area, I like the mountains in the distance.

Green:  View Across the Valley, M. Stermer-Cox

The special significance of this painting to me is the learning and personal growth.  At the time when I was working on this painting, I read somewhere that some of Hudson Valley School of Artists used to apply thin glazes to their paintings to achieve the special glow to their landscapes.  I'm not sure the source of my information.  

Regardless of the source, and inspired by the Hudson Valley School, I tried some thin glazes of green gold and VOILA!  I was so excited; I liked what the thin layers of gold did to the greens.  

Sometimes, a painting is a "keeper" as much for the learning as for the result.  I like this painting because of the subject, the education, and it makes me feel good.

 Please enjoy my third take on green.  See the previous two posts for more green!




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