Green: Still Life with Espresso Cup, Candlestick and Vase

Its All Green ~

The Challenge

Welcome to a retrospective of paintings in green!  Why?  My friend and artist Ethel Forsberg from Visby, Sweden, challenged me to participate in the "Art Relay Race" on Facebook.  

Green:  Still Life with Espresso Cup, Candlestick and Vase

What could be better than flooding facebook with artwork?  Just what is needed.  The Art Relay idea is to post five paintings or pieces of art over five days and tag a new artist friend each day.

What To Do?

Having accepted the challenge, I was trying to figure out what to do.  Then, I had an "AHA" moment.  Its March and I recall a new artist friend, Candy Wooding, mentioned she was going to be posting works in green for the first 17 days in March.  Candy's Facebook page is called:  My Paper Arts.

Green Paintings!

Well, its already the second day of March. But green could work!  So, for the next five posts, I'll be showing something green. They can be viewed on my Facebook page called Margaret Stermer-Cox Art.


Today's piece is what I call the "prequal" to "Still Life with Toy Pony".  Its the still life without the toy pony.  The items are an espresso cup, candlestick and vase.  Why green?  Because green has always been one of my favorite colors.  

Please enjoy!

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