Study, Eggs, Shells, Egg Cup and Spoon (On Being A Student)

On Being A Drawing Student

Opinionated Student

I once read that children of artists sometimes have trouble being an art student; they can be the hardest to teach drawing and painting. I can relate. I grew up in the household of an artist, my Dad, John H. Stermer. I have strong opinions about drawing, painting, art in general and my own abilities.

Study, Eggs, Shells, Egg Cup and Spoon

I'll say that again and hope you don't laugh too hard!  Yes, in spite of all the self doubt, I do have strong opinions about drawing and painting.  Many of the opinions were formed in my youth.  Things that my parents said, and Dad in particular, stuck with me.  Oddly enough, how to hold a pencil is one thing Dad taught me, for example*

Dad Learned Classical Drawing

My Dad received an education in classical drawing at The Arts Student's League in New York.  I recall him saying that the classical approach was the backbone to his work.  This was true even as he experimented and developed his own personal style. So, if Dad learned classical drawing, I figure I need to study it!  And, here I am in a classical drawing class.  

Be the Student

As I continue to participate in a local Classical Drawing Workshop (Ashland Art Center), I remind myself to open my mind to ideas. Instructors and classmates do have things to teach me.  Odd, isn't it, to have to remind oneself to learn?  The instructor, Sarah F. Burns is good and has studied many years.  I am learning from her and getting a good drawing workout.  I even come home tired!  And, yes, its OK/fine to learn something new.  

Funny how it can be hard to be the student.  But, if one isn't a good student, can one be a good teacher?

Study of Light & Dark

I'm including two of my more recent practice drawings, or studies that I am doing at home as my own homework.  I have to practice to learn!

As the class is progressing, we are studying how light falls on forms by doing value (light/dark) drawings.  Having to discipline myself to take the study to a more finished state is good for me.  The work will apply to my watercolor painting.

As we like to say these days, "its all good!"

How to Hold a Pencil While Drawing

*PS.  My father taught me to hold a pencil near the eraser end when drawing.  In that way, you have the best leverage for drawing.  He encouraged me not to hold the pencil as I do when writing.  The grip is too tight.  Considering Dad's drawings were sublime, I think he had a point.  🙂

Egg and Boxes (On being student)

2 thoughts on “On Being A Drawing Student”

  1. one of the first classes I took was classical drawing at a local community college while we were living in Seattle.  I always considered that the foundation of what I do now.  If I paint "flat" it's because I choose to do so.  I still have and use a good pencil collection 6B through 6A.  

    1. Hi Sandra, Isn’t it great that we have choices?  I like the flat designs I’ve created, too.  I have pencils from 5H to 9B.  Exploring pencils must match my desire to explore modes of drawing!  It’s all good 🙂


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