Drawing Talent: Joe Dunbar Designs & Talent Cafe

Dunbar Designs & Total Picture

Draw quick, before they go!

Yes, while researching this blog post, I found out that Joe Dunbar Designs & The Total Picture are leaving Talent to set up shop in nearby Medford, OR. Mr. Dunbar has a good following for his custom designed, one of a kind garments.

Total Picture & Joe Dunbar Designs, a Watercolor Sketch by Artist Margaret Stermer-Cox

Mr. Dunbar & Talent

Mr. Dunbar has donated much of his time to our community by serving on the Talent Public Arts Committee.  Both he and his mother are visual artists as well.  They run a framing business along side of the dress making and art creating businesses.

Come to think of it, the title “Total Picture” applies.  Fashion design, framing and painting all under one roof ; it works!

I’m happy that I drew this building while Mr. Dunbar’s business still resides in it.  You might see the suggestion of two dresses in the front right hand building.

The Building!

But, the building remains!  And, the building was there before Mr. Dunbar established his business.

The First Talent Cafe

Years ago, two women owned a cafe in the building, named the Talent Cafe*.  A third woman helped them run it. My husband remembers it well. As a boy living in this valley, he went with his parent to the cafe on occasion. One rule was that if you did not finish your dinner, you did not receive any desert. Funny; can you imagine a cafe having such a rule today?

Lila Parker & Marie Long

I am able to verify my husband’s memory on the Friends of Talent website. The ladies that owned the cafe were Lila Parker and Marie Long. My husband remembers their marble soda fountain.  He remembers the ladies and thought they were cool.  The dinners were homemade and good. He always cleaned his plate. One of the ladies used a crutch but still served.

Personal Connection

I have a recollection of going to the cafe with my husband and his parents in 1981. There was generally only one entrée on the menu.  For example, on Thursday night’s meatloaf was served with appropriate sides. I remember sitting at a table up front in a lovely, old fashioned cafe. It was a treat.

Note About Today’s Talent Cafe

* There is a “Talent Cafe” currently operating in Talent.  The building in which it resides is not the original building; its a couple of blocks away.  The owners and crew are different too.  I have had a cup of espresso there and found it tasted good.  Perhaps I will draw their place too one day.

Next Up:  30 Paintings in 30 Days

Starting tomorrow, September 1st, I plan to participate in the “30 Paintings in 30 Days” Challenge hosted by Leslie Saeta Fine Art.  More soon!


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