Day One – Thirty Watercolor Paintings in 30 Days

Its About Production

I’m embarking on a watercolor painting adventure for the month of September.  Who knows, maybe it will become a habit? I’ve signed up to participate in Leslie Saeta’s “Thirty Paintings in 30 Days” and today is day one.  Why accept the challenge?

    • Production – its a numbers game; the more you produce, the better you get.  Certainly, this is the case with watercolor paintings
    • Overcoming “fear”, or at least learning to deal with it.  What kind of fear?  The fear of getting started, the fear of not being good enough.  You get the point!  I can excel at fear if I let myself
    • Because I like watercolor painting challenges
    • My artist friend Karen Knutson participated last January and it seemed like fun

Lady in Red

Three Series.

I’m toying with some ideas about themes for my month of watercolor paintings.  Can’t seem to settle on just one yet.

    • Drawing Talent.  I have already started this idea.  Several times a week I go out and do watercolor sketches of my town of Talent, OR
    • Portrait of a Lady Series.  These are variations on a theme of a portrait of a lady done in a modern, somewhat Cubist style
    • Still Life.  I like to paint still life set ups to practice and learn.

Today’s Watercolor Painting – Lady in Red

My Lady in Red was an improvisation.  I had a great time and was able to keep things simple.  I think this one shows the value of “less is more” sometimes.  The portrait hints but doesn’t tell you everything.


Produce more; get into a rhythm of doing!  More watercolor paintings!

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