Camelot in Talent

Camelot Theatre Company

I am indeed speaking of our local Camelot, not the legend of King Arthur, his court and castle. Talent’s theater company is semi-professional and focuses on producing plays, musicals and musical events.

James Morrison Collier Theatre Building

Today’s subject is the local James Morrison Collier Theatre Building in Talent, OR, which is the home to the Camelot Theatre Company.

This is not the first building that housed the Camelot Theatre Company. Initially, the company performed in a converted feed store. Times and Talent changed; the company needed a new building.

Camelot Theatre Co & Collier Theatre

Mr. Collier, Philanthropist

The short story is that the company needed funding to build their new accommodations. Fortunately, local philanthropist Mr. James M. Collier made a sizable contribution to the project. Mr. Collier’s support jumpstarted the fund raising and ensured the building was constructed.  The Camelot Theatre Co has recognized his generosity by naming the building in Mr. Collier’s honor. The long story is worthy of the name “Camelot”, (please see references below).

Personal Connections

  • I’ve been to a musical production and thought it was expertly done.  It was “Spotlight on Woody Guthrie”
  • An acquaintance maintains the landscaping.
  • I met Mr. Collier through on of my aunts; my aunt and Mr. Collier are friends.

I found an article on line about Mr. Collier. I thought it was interesting that he has a Masters degree in English. He was a teacher for over 30 years. He received an inheritance and has used it to support the performing arts here in the Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon and elsewhere.

Even though I am not a frequent visitor to the Camelot Theatre Company’s production at James Morrison Collier Theatre, I am happy that it is here in our town. It is special.

Today’s “Drawing Talent” Session

No disasters with equipment or paint today. No fingers in the yellow, red or blue paint.  I didn’t drop my pallet or spill the water. It was a straight forward painting session.

Hah!  Never fear, self doubt always lurks in the brain. I worked through it and enjoyed my brief encounter with Camelot and King J.M. Collier*.

*Mr. Collier was crowned “King” for the opening ceremonies. He said “Long live Camelot” as he entered.


For more information about Mr. Collier or the Camelot Theatre Company:


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