Drawing Talent: Sidewalk Closed

Talent Round About Construction

The city is having a round about constructed on one of the main thoroughfare in Talent.  Since it is Saturday, I thought it would be fun to go down to the construction site and draw something.  I was attracted to a big tractor parked in front of a “Sidewalk Closed” sign.

Sidewalk Closed

Naturally, since the sidewalk was closed, I sat and drew right outside the construction zone.  I sat under a tree and got down to business. 

Funny thing, several people ignored the “sidewalk closed” sign and walked through the construction zone.  Because no one was working, I suppose all felt it was OK/fine.

Side Walk ClosedConstruction Police

One lady did think that I was the construction police and asked if she could walk on the sidewalk.  She wanted to know if she would be arrested if she did.  I told her I wasn’t sure.

Yellow Trouble

Speaking of getting down to business, I kept getting myself into trouble today.  Problems in my set up soon became evident!

First of all, I had just loaded my pallet with fresh yellow paint.  The first thing I did was put my finger into the well of gooey paint and proceeded to get it everywhere.  It was a good thing the tractor was yellow.

Next, I put my pallet on my tool box and proceeded to knock it over.  Fortunately, I caught it with my paint brush, that was dipped in red.  Luckily, it was a synthetic bristle brush otherwise I would have ruined it.  I used the bristle end to catch the pallet; not good.


OK, I need practice and experience.  Still, it was fun and interesting!

PS.  No, I’m not the construction police.

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