Memorials in Talent Old Town Park & Skate Par

Drawing Memorials: Talent’s Old Town & Skate Park

Drawing Talent, OR

I find that there are always “things” to do around the house.  Sometimes, I just have to put things aside and get down to the business drawing or painting.

Recently, the urge to draw was calling my name.  I “needed” to do another “Drawing Talent” piece so I went out in the southern Oregon heat to find a shady place to draw.  It was in the 90s in the sun; not quite so bad in the shade.  I walked by a place I’ve drawn before, the sculpture outside of the Talent Skate Park.  I was attracted by the shapes of the water fountain and the sculpture.  I decided to draw it again, this time from a different view.

To explain, Talent has a skate park that is part of the Old Town Park. The sculpture, though its outside of the skate park, is right next to it in the Old Town Park.  Its a park with a sub park.

Memorials in Talent Old Town Park & Skate Par

Skate Park Sculpture

The sculpture in the park is titled “Heaven Is A Half – Pipe” and is sculpted by local artist Kevin Christman.  It is a memorial dedicated to the memory of two local young men.  The young men were skate boarders, friends and mentors to many in our community; they are remembered.

Water Fountain and Memorial

Right next to the skate sculpture is a water fountain.  I have passed in several times a week for two years.  Yet, I had not noticed that it had a memorial plaque attached to it.  It reads “Her message to children:  Drink pure water for your health.  Lois V. Edwards”.  Ms. Edwards was another member of our community.  I think she knew what she was talking about!

Regarding Memorials

As I was quietly working, it struck me that the memorials speak volumes in a quiet way too.  They stand quietly for us to see, contemplate and remember.  I do like the fact that this is a place of quiet, even as the young people enjoy the curves and rolls of the skate park.

Skate Park Memorial Sculpture Talent OR


Previous Drawing

For those of you who have followed my various blogs over the years, you might have recognized the sculpture.  I drew it about a year ago.   I thought I’d include the drawing as one of my first “Drawing Talent” type drawing.  Plus, you can see a different view of the sculpture.  I was sitting on a bench near the water fountain as I drew this version.

I enjoy this park and  I imagine I will be back again someday, working on yet another version.  Thank you.


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