Talent Train Depot

Drawing Talent’s Train Depot


Hi!  I’m still working on my “The Gallivanter’s Adventure 2014” blog.  But, drawing doesn’t ever stop.

Recovery Task List

Part of returning from camping or a trip is “recovery”, that’s what we called it in my Army days. We had three days of tasks to recover equipment and materials.  We had a formal task list.  Me, now that I’m retired, I have informal task lists.  Never-the-less, I have my recovery task list.

As part of today’s recovery tasks, I went for a walk around my home town of Talent OR.  Armed with a small sketchbook and a ball point pen, I had a look around town after being gone for a couple of months.

Talent Train Depot M Stermer-Cox

The Railroad Depot

Aha!  The town railroad depot!  Its not used as a railroad depot today, but the building is in good shape.  I have wanted to do a drawing of this building, so that is what I did.  I think I may do more!

Adventure 2014 Lesson Learned

The lesson of our “The Gallivanter’s Adventure 2014” is to seize the moment when it comes.  A project that I have wanted to do is draw variation locations around my home town of Talent, OR.  Perhaps the time to start working on the project is now.

Drawing Talent

This is not the first drawing I’ve done around Talent, but I’m getting close to forming a project.  Maybe I’ll call it “Drawing Talent”. And, why not?  I think this would be a great way to get to know my town.  Life seems to get in the way, but I have to ask myself, what are my priorities?  I think its time to get on with it!

As I ponder, but not too long, please enjoy my sketch!

4 thoughts on “Drawing Talent’s Train Depot”

    1. Hi Pamo! Thanks for the comment! Isn’t “Talent” such a fun name to play with, especially for an artist? I think it is fortuitous! I was looking through my various sketch books and I have a good beginning! Commitment, that’s all that I need now!

      Oh yes, carrying on here!

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