Back in The Saddle Again…Blogging Soon

I was speaking metaphorically, naturally!

How have you been doing?

I will be back blogging soon.  It was my intention to blog while on our extended trip around the country.  Reality hit and my husband and I decided to focus on our “The Gallivanter’s Adventure 2014” blog.

It was hard enough keeping up with one blog; two would have defeated the purpose of the trip.

I have been drawing and painting from time to time, though.  I’ll catch up as soon as practical.

In the meantime, here’s a drawing from one of my sketchbooks.  I did this when we were in York, Maine. We have had a most excellent time.  We have been through more than half the states in our country; met lots of interesting people; visited with family and friends; and have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  We are not quite ready for this all to end.

I do hope you have had a most excellent summer!


2 thoughts on “Back in The Saddle Again…Blogging Soon”

  1. I’m so glad you’ve had such a great time! Lovely sketch too.
    I look forward to your blogging again- but I completely understand taking time away to focus on what’s most important.
    At least I’ve gotten to see some of your trip on Facebook!
    I’ll go check out your travel blog. (I had signed up for email updates from there but I may not have completed the subscription.)

    1. Hi Pamo! It takes a little time to get settled into a routine after such a trip. Things such as laundry, restocking the refrigerator and weeding the garden just seem to take time! But, already I’m feeling the urge to get down to business.

      Thank you for your comment and I do hope you will stop by the blog. Even though we are back home in Oregon, we’re only about half way through our travel adventures. It was quite the trip!

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