Awnings and Lamp Posts – Candlewood Park Watercolor Study

When I sat down to do a watercolor study in my neighborhood, I was immediately attracted to the array of awnings and lamp posts, hence the title.

Awnings & Lamp Posts, Study; watercolor studyThis is just a simple post.  I’m getting myself ready to draw, paint and blog my way across the United States and back starting next month.  I hope to do lots of these watercolor studies.

I’m trying to get into a rhythm.  Also, I’m practicing drawing and watercolor painting outside.  I have gotten in the habit of being a studio painter, so this is a change.

The scene is from the mobile home park where I live.  I sat down to work in the late afternoon.  Probably not the smartest timing as the light changes FAST!  But, I enjoyed the shadow shapes contrasting with the light on the wall.

The funny thing is that I don’t know who lives here.  People living in the park tend to be quiet.  I tend to pass these homes early in the morning when people might be reading the newspaper, having a cup of coffee or eating breakfast.  I rarely see anyone on this street.  And, yet, by drawing and painting a study of the homes, I feel I know them a little bit better.   Kind of a funny way to get to know people.

I imagine I will do more local studies this month.  I hope you will stay tuned as I prepare for our Adventure 2014!

Thank you and enjoy!



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