Mom’s Doll with a Seashell Hat

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

On this occasion, I thought I’d share the Mother’s Day Card I made for my Mom and a little bit about it. Mom's Doll with Seashell Hat SCx


This is a special doll because when I was a child, the only time I could play with it was when I was sick in bed.

This is a doll that my Mother had when she was a child.  She has a companion doll with a long veil instead of the hat.

I imagine my Mother as a child playing with this doll when she and her family lived in Hawaii.  I wonder what stories went through her head.  For me, I imagine the doll on the beaches of 1930s Hawaii, collecting seashells.

To put things in context, I grew up in 1960s New Mexico.  The ocean was nowhere in sight; it was semi-desert.  Hawaii seemed like a far off exotic land.  I loved hearing my Mom telling her stories of her childhood.

Mom’s doll is about 3 inches in height and made of porcelain. She wears a satin dress decorated with laces and a seashell.  It is a real clam shell on her head with ribbons.  And, its’ decorated with tiny shells.  The face is hand painted as is her shoes.

This doll is one of my treasured mementos from my family.  How about you, what treasures do you have from your family?

Thank you and enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Mom’s Doll with a Seashell Hat”

    1. Hi Pam, Thank you and yes I’ve been to Hawaii. My husband and I took a trip in the mid ’80s. It was nothing like I imagined it from listening to my Mom. I like my mental images from my Mom’s stories better, though we did have a most excellent time.

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